Winstrol 10 mg


Brand Odin Anabolics
Compound Stanozolol
Dosage 10mg
Amount 50 tabs
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What Is Winstrol (Stanozolol)?

Winstrol is a common brand name for the drug stanazolol. Stanazolol is a 17-aa steroid, designed for oral administration but also available in injectable form. Winstrol is classified as an anabolic, exhibiting low androgenic side effects. Its’ anabolic properties however are not dramatic and is often used in combination with other drugs, most commonly during cutting cycles when water and fat retention are a major concern.

What Are Winstol’s Effects?

Moderate anabolic, very low androgenic properties: This injectable / oral steroid is one of the most effective cutting products available, with almost no water retention noted by it’s users. Also associated with least number of adverse side-effects. Winstrol, when stacked with either Primobolan Depot or Equipoise is also known to improve the joints, tendons, and ligaments strengths thus dramatically reducing the chances of injury. This product is water based so shots are taken every second or third day. Tabs are taken twice a day to maintain an anabolic balance within your system.

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