Dianabol 50 mg


Brand Odin Anabolics
Compound Methandienone
Dosage 50mg
Amount 50 tabs
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What Is Dianabol(Methandrostenolone)?

Methandrostenolone, usually referred to as Dianabol, was first produced and marketed by Ciba-Geigy in 1960. It was promoted as being highly anabolic, androgenic, with little progestational activity. Dianabol was also reported to enhance feelings of well-being. Dianabol was indicated for the treatment of disorders requiring increased protein synthesis and osteoporosis. Dianabol has a relatively short half-life, between 3.2 and 4.5 hours, with maximum blood concentration occurring between 1 and 3 hours. Methandrostenolone and methandienone are almost identical, the only difference being in the spatial configuration of their chemical structure. They are 17-alpha-alkylated compounds and therefore exert a significant strain on the liver, with even relatively low dosages causing temporary abnormalities in liver function tests. There have been reports of the development of jaundice being attributed to methandrostenolone/methandienone and there have also been cases of liver carcinoma and adenoma associated with its use.

What Are Dianabol(Methandrostenolone)’s Effects?

Many users of this steroid have reported dramatic gains in both strength and size. However, it aromatizes even at low dosages, with the development of gynecomastia a common problem. Another common complaint is the problem of water retention, resulting in hypertension. As Dianabol has a high level of conversion to dihydrotestosterone the development of acne vulgaris is common, as is the acceleration of male pattern baldness in those with an hereditary predisposition. Female use of Dianabol can result in virilization due to its androgenic properties. Masculinizing effects can occur even at low dosages in some women who are particularly sensitive to androgens.

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